New LG FB44 For An Upscale IPod Experience – Techfemina

LG has unveiled its ultra-sensational iPod Dock station, LG FB44 at IFA 2009. The burnished aesthetics, 40 W output power and 3D sound effects make it an in-vogue music device. FB44 also supports DVD playback with a 1080p and features a HDMI port for streaming videos direct to your HDTV. The sound bar can also play media files directly from a flash drive through the USB port. The super-stylish iPod dock will cost you about £ 159 including VAT.

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Nifty Wireless Streaming Music Centre By Bluelarix Designworks – Techfemina

The Wireless Streaming Music Centre is an incredibly gorgeous system that makes it stand out among many others. Sleek and sophisticated design makes it perfectly compliant with your décor. The iPod docked on the front surface appears as if it’s floating. Apart from iPod, it can connect to your computer and an array of other units incase you wish to expand the system. The system also has its own hard drive to store music tight into it. I wish it also worked with iPad, becasue that could have made it even more desirable.

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Magical Umbrella That Creates Rainbow From Nowhere – Techfemina

If you’re trying to spot a rainbow on a lovely rainy day, don’t go too far, as it could be right there under your umbrella. Now there can be a rainbow even in your shower, if you stand with this cool Color-Changing Umbrella on. Well it’s a magical umbrella by Squid London, which has a white color spatter on its exterior. However, as the umbrella gets wet in rain, the white color changes to multi-color splash pattern, thereby creating a beautiful rainbow effect. WOW, this means now rainbow would come following you even on a stormy day.

Price: $38.00

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Marvelou Clay Speakers – The Studio Lim’s Sound Pots – Techfemina

The artsitic clay speakers are amazingly incredible, as it’s hard to believe that something as fragile as clay can hold and sustain such firm audio system so neatly. The designers at Studio Lim have done a commendable job in creating these Sound Pots with unique volume control system. Well, there’s an ordinary on-and-off knob at the back of the speaker, but in order to control the volume, you need to roll speaker from side-to-side, which is quite interesting. I found the creation pretty enthralling, however, unfortunately there’s no word on its availability sp far. Probably, the speakers lack in sound quality yet, so the Studio Lim wants to launch it with the bang without any single glitch. I’m surely gonna look forward to the Sound Pots hitting the shelves.

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Affordable Massagers That Tickle Well From Head To Sole – Techfemina

To get rid of the day’s fatigue, you need not squander money on expensive spa treatments, try doing it the geek way. There are a range of cool, affordable and effective massagers to relax you head-to toe without really emptying your pockets. Try these geeky massagers for an appeasing experience.

Rest your head on Super Mario

Super Mario will now “1-up” with your stress and give your spinning head an ultimate relaxation. The cute electric head massager inspired by the famous Super Mario gives you the much needed massage after a long hectic day. It runs on 2 * AA battery, which is placed underneath n such a way that it can not be felt at all by the head.

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