New LG Chocolate To Sweeten Hong Kong – Techfemina

The “Supermodel” of the phones, the sizzling, the new LG Chocolate, is set to arrive, as the ultimate showstopper. It’s a hot new fashion phone by LG, to be officially launched on November 4 in Hong Kong. It’s a successor of the LG Chocolate BL40, and promises much more lustrous aesthetics and style. The new LG Chocolate BL20 is a sexy slider, with in an ultra-slim casing. Besides the autofocus 5-megapix camera and Widget Hotkeys, the BL20 features Clear Memo Capture for capturing text, handwritten notes and drawings with uber-clarity. tThe accentuated glossy surface of the new Chocolate, surely makes it an eye-catcher!

Via: Fash-eccentric491141

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