Sexy Bluetooth Jewelry For Handsfree Connectivity In Fashion – Techfemina

Uktra-stylish Bluetooth headsets have given wings to a thought of establishing fashionable Bluetooth jewelry as a trend. Be it faddish bracelets or sultry ear-loops, you can have them with built-in Bluetooth technology too. The conventional headsets are being transformed into more petite body to look drop-dead gorgeous for the envy of others. You can well imagine the fun of answering phone calls or messages from your wristbands, thumb-rings or earrings. Check out below some ultra-stylish Bluetooth accessories completely in vogue with the new age fashion and which can activate the connectivity with a simple flick.

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Sightings of snowdrops along with brown catkins indicate spring could possibly be virtually here, nevertheless bees’ sweetie stocks are usually low following a tough This year | Tech Femina

Sightings of snowdrops along with brown catkins indicate spring could possibly be virtually here, nevertheless bees’ sweetie stocks are usually low following a tough This year Simply hours after the National Rely on unveiled its annual review showing what sort of unseasonal weather in 2011 influenced The united kingdom’s plants and creatures, the wild animals … Read more

Sci-Fi Files: Divas Who ‘Defy Gravity’ – Techfemina

If the propelling rumors are to be believed, the popular sci- fi series on television, “Defying Gravity” may come to a premature end soon. Set in the 2052, the super-entertaining space saga of the eight astronauts, is probably being sacrificed for the bizarre reality shows, the easy rating-grabbers. It was one show that really tickled that sci-fi streak within us, with which girls are not associated very often. Those proficient female astronauts are some inspiration, aren’t they? I really hope the rumors fail, because we really wanna see more of the Antares’ crew.

Let’s take a look at the dynamic characters of the vivacious ladies on the Antares, who really defy gravity with their individual incredible skills and the clear-eyed enthusiasm.

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See The Augmented Reality Through Ultra-tech Vuzix AR Glasses – Techfemina

Vuzix, one of the renowned makers of ultra-hightech eye gears, has come up with their new edition to give you an ultimate personal video watching experience virtually anywhere. What’s striking about the Wrap 920AR is that it appears like normal sunglasses yet offer an augmented reality functionality. The stylish glasses provide overwhelming 67-inch bigscreen viewing experience as seen from three meters. It offers incredible 2Dand 3D videos at super high resolution. The stylish eye Wrap runs on two AA batteries and delivers up to six hours of entertainment time. The classy video gear is priced at $349.95.

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Rolling The Eyeballs To Control The Gadgets – Techfemina

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Your flirty eyes can do much more than just fishing for a hot fling. Ever imagined that just a glance of yours could control your gadgets someday. Your eyes don’t only behold a vision, but also hold the capability to control it. The ever-evolving technology has now reached a point that the day is not far, when your home entertainment system would be controlled with a blink of your eye.

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NXP Semiconductor unveils ULPI Hi-speed USB transceiver for mobile phone | Tech Femina

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled its new generation UTMI+ Low-Pin Interface (ULPI) Hi-Speed USB transceivers for mobile phones. The size of the smallest USB transceiver is 2.2×2.25×0.6 mm, which fulfills the specific needs of ultra-slim handset designs and other portable devices. NXP’s transceivers consumes only 0.5 μA current only in power down mode to avoid battery … Read more

Pac-Man Celebrating 30 Years – Techfemina

Pac-Man is now 30 years old, and celebrating that in a delicious way is this yummy Pac-Man bun. The delicious yellow dot-gobblers made by Circle K stores in Japan are filled with lots and lots of crushed almonds, is priced at about $1.31 each.

I would have loved it even more if it was a chocolate brownie, but if you’re diet conscious then you can mark Pac-Man’s thirty years celebrations with some ultra-geek non-edible accessories.

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Pine Trail Equipped Acer One 532 Sees The Light Of Day After HP Mini 210 – Techfemina

At last the Acer’s Pine trail equipped notebook, Acer Aspire One 532, has been announced after creating quite a wave last month. It’s a netbook, powered by Intel Atom N450 processor, which features 10.1 inch WSVGA LED Backlit display, 2GB DDR2 RAM and 250GB hard drive. The $300 netbook comes handy with built-in webcam, Wi-Fi , 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, a multi format card reader and a full QWERTY keyboard with multi-touch pad. Acer Aspire One 532 runs Windows 7 OS.

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Potpourri: Can Zune HD Surpass IPod Touch? – Techfemina

Zune HD finally saw the light of day on September 15. Being seen as the most solid contender of iPod Touch, Zune HD, claims to redefine music with its excellent features. Well, this is yet to be seen if it’s even anywhere near to the crackerjack iPod Touch, let us see what is the verdict of the different tech-bloggers about this latest media player by Microsoft.

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