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The Clockman by Japanese toymaker, Takara Tomy, is pretty hilarious yet an interactive alarm clock. Clockman, which looks like some creation of a box-headed geek, is actually a box, which can speak and also make a funny face. The Clockman comes in four versions, each one of which possesses a specific personality and blood type. Maybe, blood type is the latest parameter for personality reading, as shown by these ‘Clockmen’. The one with blood type A is the one with very humble and polite face, and wakes you up sweetly, saying “It’s time to wake up. Please wake up.” On the other hand the Clockman with blood type O is commanding and says, “Fight! Make an effort! Stand up! Fight!” The Clockman can be pre-ordered at Japan Trend Shop for $57.

Via: Crunchgear494423

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