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Flat screen TVs are a popular choice for home theatres. They come in a variety of sizes and prices and have different characteristics and image quality.

Regardless of your television needs, however, it is important to decide exactly where in the room you will be able to view it best, to get more out of your TV.

Wall mount

Thanks to its slim profile, flat screen TVs are easy to mount on a wall. Although it requires a little work and planning, wall mounting increases the aesthetic appeal of a television in a room and displays the screen just like a work of art.

Before you start, it’s best to decide exactly where the television will be placed for optimal viewing. You will need special wall anchors to mount your TV on the wall, which will need to be connected to one or more studs on the wall. If your TV is larger than 42 inches or weighs more than about 36 kilos, it must be attached to two studs. To ensure maximum safety, use a TV mount that is specifically designed to support the weight and size of your television.

Mounting base

An easier way to mount your TV is to use a stand. These devices connect to the back of the flat screen with screws so that you can place it on top of a table or desk or another horizontal surface. Installation is simple, and the setup can usually be configured quickly. A specially designed TV stand is a great solution if you cannot or do not want to drill holes in the wall. It can also be useful if you want to integrate the TV in a home theatre cabinet or dresser.

Other considerations

Custom TV bases and wall brackets are usually purchased separately from the television, so remember to factor in their additional cost when making your purchase of the TV.

When you lift the TV or are positioning it on the wall, etc. get some help from a friend or family member. Never try to lift a heavy TV by yourself. They might not look it, but they are fragile, and their screens can break if they fall. More importantly, you might hurt yourself. When installing a TV on the wall, especially at a height above your head, safety should be a top concern.


There is nothing less attractive than lots of wires and cables hanging down from a TV mounted on the wall. If possible, hide cables behind the wall, if it is hollow, or purchase cable ties to keep everything organised and neat.

After mounting the flat screen TV, leave it in place for a few hours and periodically examine it to ensure the parts that support the weight of the mount or stand are not under excessive stress.

Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new TV.


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