Nifty Wireless Streaming Music Centre By Bluelarix Designworks – Techfemina

The Wireless Streaming Music Centre is an incredibly gorgeous system that makes it stand out among many others. Sleek and sophisticated design makes it perfectly compliant with your décor. The iPod docked on the front surface appears as if it’s floating. Apart from iPod, it can connect to your computer and an array of other units incase you wish to expand the system. The system also has its own hard drive to store music tight into it. I wish it also worked with iPad, becasue that could have made it even more desirable.

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Nokia 7705 With Square ‘Twist’ – Techfemina

Here’s yet another weird Nokia phone after N-Gage, 7280 and 7600 to name a few among its crazy experiments. The latest Nokia 7705 Twist with too much liberty in design has been rendered an awkward square shape, the avant-garde weird. Though, you’ll be intrigued by its luring aesthetics at the first glance, but the impression might not last much longer. The handset owing to its unusual circumscription is gonna be uncomfortable to handle. However, the tweens might find it a pretty useful messaging phone, with it’s pivoting QWERTY keypad. Moreover, the eye-popping device may also win some geeks with its impressive 3 megapixel camcorder, V Cast Music with Rhapsody and a very attractive price. Twist will start selling September 21st onwards for $99 after a $50 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract.

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Nokia debuts Nokia 500 GPS Auto Navigation system | Tech Femina

Whenever I think about Nokia, portable mobile phones come in my mind rather than GPS devices. Nokia has unveiled the Nokia 500, second in-car navigation system for convenient in-car navigation and communication. The Nokia 5500 Auto Navigation device has integrated GPS and competitive in-car navigation features as well as complete Bluetooth handsfree system for your … Read more

Now Wake Up Seeing The Funny Face Of The Clockman – Techfemina

The Clockman by Japanese toymaker, Takara Tomy, is pretty hilarious yet an interactive alarm clock. Clockman, which looks like some creation of a box-headed geek, is actually a box, which can speak and also make a funny face. The Clockman comes in four versions, each one of which possesses a specific personality and blood type. Maybe, blood type is the latest parameter for personality reading, as shown by these ‘Clockmen’. The one with blood type A is the one with very humble and polite face, and wakes you up sweetly, saying “It’s time to wake up. Please wake up.” On the other hand the Clockman with blood type O is commanding and says, “Fight! Make an effort! Stand up! Fight!” The Clockman can be pre-ordered at Japan Trend Shop for $57.

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New Gyration Mouse Spells Magic In The Air – Techfemina

Now you don’t even need any surface to make your mouse click. Gyration’s Air Mouse Elite will allow you to use it in the air with its gyro sensor. The pro mouse uses Motion Tools software which enables it the operating range up to 100 ft. Sleek aesthetics actually render it the elite look and makes it perfect accessory for boardrooms or you might even like to flaunt it in your living room among guests. The Gyration Air Mouse Elite will soon start selling for $99.99 and $149.99 with a wireless keyboard.

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