Using the WHOIS Database to Contact a Domain Owner – Tech Femina

Brief Overview of the WHOIS Datatbase A WHOIS database contains information provided by individuals when they register websites. This information includes a person’s name, address, contact email, phone number, and other similar contact information. This information is recorded and held by a registrar. To get a deeper understanding of this process, you can visit Performing … Read more

A Guide to Securely Destroying a Hard Drive – Tech Femina

    Online Project management and up-to-date software are inseparable terms. The tech world may be growing too fast thus making it difficult to keep up. However, your projects are progressing as well, whether you notice the changes or not. Using modern project management software enables you to have an easier time planning, supervising, implementing, analyzing … Read more

Why Magento Is One Of The Best CMS For Creating Shopping Website? – Tech Femina

  Out of all the available CMS found on the internet, Magento is a popular CMS for e-commerce websites. The biggest brands available like Nike, Samsung, Men’s Health, Olympus and more use Magento for their attractive webpage and efficient customer service database. They make up the bulk of most e-commerce websites and operate them through … Read more

What is Required in SEO? – Tech Femina

Quality of Traffic Your main mission is to attract users to your site, right? Well…… If a search engine is telling users that you’re the best tamales restaurant in all fifty States, but you’re really a hairdresser, this isn’t quality traffic. You want to attract the users who actually want to learn more about your … Read more

Problems With Multiplatform Game Releases – Tech Femina

Video games are a curious thing. Designing them, despite popular perception, is an incredibly difficult and harrowing task. Gamers demand games that look good, perform flawlessly, and are available on all available platforms. And why shouldn’t they, given that the options are available? The problem is that video games are extremely complicated beasts, and porting … Read more