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Tweeting has now become the minute-book of our every second, minute and hour. Ever thought, your every special tweet, altogether, can be turned into a precious tangible memoir. Just imagine, a book, which will narrate your thrilling, emotional, complaisant or simply informative expressions that you keep tweeting about every now and then? Well, the TweetBook, allows you to realize a fancy desire of getting your most favorite tweets published into your own reminiscences book. TweetzBookz gives you an opportunity to feature up to 200 of your tweets, which may also include your friends’ tweets, in a flashy full color book. The book will be made of recycled papers and may chose from a soft cover book or a hard cover one for $28 and $38 respectively. It would be even more cool idea to have customizable cover, style and color scheme of the book, there’s no word on such option though.

Via: Geek Sugar497801

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