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Zune HD finally saw the light of day on September 15. Being seen as the most solid contender of iPod Touch, Zune HD, claims to redefine music with its excellent features. Well, this is yet to be seen if it’s even anywhere near to the crackerjack iPod Touch, let us see what is the verdict of the different tech-bloggers about this latest media player by Microsoft.

Devin Coldewey says

The Zune HD is not an iPod-killer, but it’s the only player out there that can go up against it and not be annihilated in the process. It’s good enough that everyone owes it to themselves to give it a look — unless you’re afraid of just how good it might be.

Joshua Topolsky
after analyzing it’s excellent hardware and revamped software, still he deduces,

Even though the Zune HD is a tremendous media player with a lot of great features, we still don’t think it competes 1:1 with a device like the touch. Still, it competes, and for Microsoft and the Zune brand, that’s a major leap forward.

Matthew Miller describes it as a decent effort by Microsoft.

It is obvious it cannot compete with the iPod touch in terms of apps, but this is just the start and that may change in the future. The Zune Pass is the really defining feature that stands out from the iPods though and if you have a limited personal music collection the Zune HD can be a killer.

Phil Nickinson
believes, Zune HD should not really be compared with iPod Touch, as,

The Zune HD and iPhone/iPod Touch are different devices, with different purposes.

Chiffan calls it downright disaster,

Time will tell, but my personal feeling is that the iPod is safe for the moment. And at 70+% marketshare, Apple is one step closer to TAKING OVER THE WORLD!


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