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Your flirty eyes can do much more than just fishing for a hot fling. Ever imagined that just a glance of yours could control your gadgets someday. Your eyes don’t only behold a vision, but also hold the capability to control it. The ever-evolving technology has now reached a point that the day is not far, when your home entertainment system would be controlled with a blink of your eye.

Eye-controlled computer operation

Up till now, the eye-controlled technology was being derived out of need of helping the disable, who cannot use their hands. For Instance, the “Eye-Controlled Interaction” system (EYCIN), which has been developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart tracks the human user’s eye movement and transmits it to the mouse pointer on the monitor. The system could facilitate paraplegics to work at the PC.

Quick Glance by EyeTech Digital Systems

The system also already been rolled into the market for sale. It uses a camera mounted on computer monitor is focused on user’s eye, which then determines where user is looking. The Mouse clicks” are done with a slow eye blink, an eye dwell, or a hardware switch. It’s a great step towards hand-free computer interface.

Eye-controlled technology in gaming

It seems like a fantasy to play Super Mario with your eyes, but it has been made a reality by the Waterloo Labs. They’ve come up with a way to control the classic game with eyes. They’ve put in electrodes around each eye, and then put it through a circuit board to translate it into joystick moments. Check out the video below.

Eye-Controlled Earphones by DoCoMo

If you thought that earphones are only for ears then take a look at these eyes-controlled earphones. CTIA 2010 saw revolutionary eye-controlled earphones – NTT Dococmo earphones. Well, our eyeballs contain minute electrical potential, which can be utilized by sticking electrodes in our ears. NTT DoCoMo made used of this phenomenon for their novice eye-controlled earphones. You can change the tracks or control the volume simply with your eye movements. The electrodes in the earphones detect the eye-movements to perform such commands as play, pause or skip.

Telegraph Explains,

Special electrodes, attached to a set of earphones, are able to pick up the movement of the eye. Eyes have “electrical potential” – positive at the cornea and negative at the retina – and this electrical potential changes depending on the movement of the eyeball. The system works even when a person’s eyes are closed.

The earphone electrodes are able to read these changing currents – known as an electrooculogram – and the mobile phone is pre-programmed to translate that information in to a command. So a user can make or receive a call, simply by moving their eyes to the right, then to the left, then back to the right again.

It may just be a prototype, but no sooner , you’ll see many natural gesture interfaces creating novice ways of interacting with devices.562915

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