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Uktra-stylish Bluetooth headsets have given wings to a thought of establishing fashionable Bluetooth jewelry as a trend. Be it faddish bracelets or sultry ear-loops, you can have them with built-in Bluetooth technology too. The conventional headsets are being transformed into more petite body to look drop-dead gorgeous for the envy of others. You can well imagine the fun of answering phone calls or messages from your wristbands, thumb-rings or earrings. Check out below some ultra-stylish Bluetooth accessories completely in vogue with the new age fashion and which can activate the connectivity with a simple flick.

Nokia Icon

Nokia Icon is a series of faddish Bluetooth Wristbands and thumb bands designed by Argentina based designer Manuel Lopez Revol. With Icon on your wrist or thumb, there will be no chance ever that you miss a call even if your phone has gone missing somewhere in your messed up bag. Sporting the trendy aesthetics , the accessories have certainly got a great appeal.

Slender Bluetooth handsfree by Ilshat Garipov

The elegant piece of this Bluetooth headset has been designed by Ilshat Garipov. It reflects an exquisite blend of style with technology. You can enjoy the ultimate handsfree freedom with this sophisticated looking device.

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset

It’s the sexiest bluetooth headset by far. The Jabra Stone is really what we call sleek and unique with it’s unusual yet stylish shape. The fashionable earpiece features a wall charger, a USB cable charger, manual, belt clip, and an ear gel. Packed in a clear-thru plastic body and placed in a holder, the headset is a truly a chic gadget. The Jabra STONE stands tagged for $129.99.

Novero Bluetooth Jewelry

Novero’s line of jewelry Bluetooth headsets have been making a sensuous fashion statement. The headsets not only adorn your ears as you may erroneously assume, but reach up to your neck as gorgeous necklaces. The line is available in several stunning styles- Victoria Lapis, Pearl, Stripes, Wave, and Victor, the only version dedicated towards guys. Made with precious metals and genuine jewels, the luxurious Novera Bluetooth headset comes for a mammoth are tagged at mammoth $120,000.

Motorola diamond encrusted MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset

Luxury mobile phone maker Alexander Amosu designed this bling-bling MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset for Motorola. The limited edition sports embellishment rendered with 18k gold and over 180 brilliant cut diamonds, which total up to 3.47 carats. While the base model has been priced at $8,175, the top one commands staggering $12,775.

Orb Bluetooth Headset

Developed in collaboration between Hybra Advance Technology and AbsolutelyNew, the Orb is a ring shaped device that can also be worn as an S-shaped ear piece. It features a flexible OLED screen, caller ID and voice to text service. The bejeweled Orb Bluetooth Headset retails for maximum $175.

Ripple Bluetooth Headset

Shaped like a sexy stud for an ear, the Ripple Bluetooth Headset is the brainchild of designer Ilya Friedman. Inspired by smooth fluid sounds, the Ripple sports the rubber earring clasp design. In order to activate the “Talk” function, the microphone simply needs to be flipped down.

Bluetooth Necklace

Italian designer Stefano Merlo has dubbed his Bluetooth headset as “Jewel”, as it can be worn like a necklace. The Jewel comprises of a microphone and an earpiece that are synced together via Bluetooth. You need to pull out the earpiece out of the microphone pendant when answering a call. Afterwards, the earpiece can be put back into the pendant.

Crystal Bluetooth Headset

Ukrainian designer Ekateryna Sokolova has worked charm of Swarovski crystal on a Bluetooth headset called “Crystal”. The Crystal flaunts blazing crystal plate on its exterior and is available in several colors. The integrated light diode illuminates the headset whenever it receives a call.

Aliph Solo Bluetooth Headset

The best thing about the Aliph Solo Bluetooth Headset is that you don’t require to keep a separate charger, as it automatically draws juice from your cell phone. You just have to hook it up to your mobile, when not using the handsfree. Coming to its aesthetics, you can see that it’s a tender looking device, which is superbly minimalist yet elegant earpiece.564785

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