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Vuzix, one of the renowned makers of ultra-hightech eye gears, has come up with their new edition to give you an ultimate personal video watching experience virtually anywhere. What’s striking about the Wrap 920AR is that it appears like normal sunglasses yet offer an augmented reality functionality. The stylish glasses provide overwhelming 67-inch bigscreen viewing experience as seen from three meters. It offers incredible 2Dand 3D videos at super high resolution. The stylish eye Wrap runs on two AA batteries and delivers up to six hours of entertainment time. The classy video gear is priced at $349.95.

Wrap 310 is another fashionable pair in the Wrap AR series, which launched a couple of months ago. The smoking hot glasses offer 55-inch screen experience at great resolution. It virtually immerses you to 16:9 widescreen experience. The Wrap 310 will cost you $249.95.

iWear CamAR look-wise may not fit your classy style, yet for the geeks, the glasses are super cool. Cam AR as the name suggests, features a camera, which is USB powered. The clip-on USB cam mounts above the face of the iWear and allows users to watch real videos turned into graphic form. The iWear CamAR retails at $149.95.

I even stumbled upon yet another cool pair of video glasses, which augments your TV viewing experience. It’s the iTVGoggles that feature two LCD screens embedded into them, and which deliver from 50 to 80-inch widescreen viewing experience. The eye gear is compatible with DVD players, iPods, music players, and of course TV and even game consoles. The 80-inch model of iTV Goggles sells at $310.

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