Why The iPad Needs Proper Gamepad Controls

It seems that Apple are no longer content with merely dominating the dual worlds of music and tablets. They have now set their sights on the video game industry. Tablet gaming has undergone a revolution of sorts over the last couple of years. Its enticement of casual gamers through online casino apps and simple, addictive microgames have led the Apple app store to hold a growing share of the video game market. Now, with the iPad’s hardware becoming more and more powerful, Apple are releasing a tidal wave of ports of popular console games. These include Grand Theft Auto and Knights Of The Old Republic in an attempt to convert hardcore video gamers. It is a perfect plan but with somewhat imperfect implementation due to a single flaw. That flaw is the lack of a control scheme to match the gamepad of the original console versions.

Push The Button

The iPad’s touch display is perfectly suited to apps which are designed for casual gamers. For example, committed gamblers in Australia who visit Mzanzi Online Casino need only a gentle press of the screen to get the dice rolling in blackjack or the wheel spinning in roulette. However, when it comes to the more complex manoeuvres or reactive movements needed in games like Grand Theft Auto, the touch controls are simply too fiddly and obstructive to get the job done.


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A Big Problem…

Whilst other problems encountered during Apple’s march towards becoming video gaming’s overlord can be overlooked, not being able to sufficiently guide the main character will be a deal breaker for hardcore video gamers. These dedicated gamers are used to a certain standard of precision and reactivity when it comes to controls.

Ultimately, enthusiastic critics can list many reasons as to why iPads could replace consoles. However, if this control problem is not corrected then advancements in specs, building third-party support and accessibility will mean next to nothing.

…With an Easy Solution

This being said, it is a problem that can be easily solved. The problem is that many developers of iPad games try and transfer controls designed for a gamepad to the touchscreen mechanics. In reality, this is not necessary. Even something as simple as putting an interactive gamepad at the bottom of the screen would be a significant improvement.

However, the best solution appears to be for Apple to release a gamepad add-on. This could be either a traditional gamepad that can be attached via a lead to the USB port or, more inventively, various clip-on sections that can go around the iPad. This would mean it could be held like a traditional handheld console. Although, this solution is admittedly more suited to the iPad mini.


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Get the Clogs Turning

It will take time and a significant amount of invention for Apple to pull this off. There is no denying that the reality of a gamepad add-on has a few obstacles to overcome. However, if there is one thing that Apple can do, it is reinvent the wheel. They did this with the original iPod, so it not an achievement beyond their capabilities. Moreover, if they succeed, then we might be seeing the Xbox and PlayStation dethroned once and for all.

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