Building Your Own App Isn’t That Hard

Have you have ever rushed out of your house late for work and discovered halfway there that you don’t have your cell phone? You have probably experienced the sheer horror that comes with realising you’ve left your entire life behind! Most of us message, email, FaceBook, Pin and Tweet with our mobile devices, so losing or being without your phone could feel like you are cut off from your entire world.

Admittedly, there are worse things that could happen, but without your phone how would you tell anybody about it? Most of us are using our phone for more hours a day than we speak with people face-to-face. With all-you-can-eat data packages, you can easily be connected twenty-four hours a day. We use our phones to wake us up in the morning, time our toothbrushing, record our calorie intake, and tell us how to make the dinner. Then we log our exercise, check our social media accounts one last time, before setting our sleep tracker up and going to sleep.


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 As we are glued to our touchscreens, you may be wondering why you don’t relinquish your life entirely to it. There must be an app for that! But if there was a part of your life that wasn’t governed by your mobile devices, would you be interested in creating an app for it? There is evidence to suggest the usage of mobile devices will continue to grow for a while. Most of us are doing everything we can in app already, but there are more people to jump on the smartphone bandwagon.

Companies like The BHW Group can help you build an app for your phone to do anything you want to. You could even try and make a profit for it by selling it through the app stores. If you have an idea, see what comes of it. For some, there are plenty of apps for what they need. For others, the apps don’t go quite far enough. Of course, there are needs to be met we haven’t even thought of creating an app for yet.

If you find it hard to live ‘unhooked’ or disconnected from the internet, you are not alone. All of us use our phones for something, but more and more of us want to use them for everything. If you can think of a way to use your phone that nobody else has come up with yet, then you may have the perfect idea for an app. You can use some free app builders online using your laptop. Some of them require little experience in coding or programming.

Whatever you do with your smartphone over the next year, don’t be afraid to try out new apps that come out. Most apps remain free of charge as more and more people are just starting out in app development. You could be one of them. Take some time to look up some tutorials on basic app building to gain an understanding of how it’s done. You never know when you may need the skills.

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