5 Areas Where Technology Rapidly Advances

It’s no secret that technology is developing at a rapid pace. Times are changing faster than most industries can keep up. The current technology that we use on a day-to-day basis would boggle the minds of people 20 years ago. Looking towards the horizon, the future looks even more incredible. The next generation of invention will truly change the way we live. It will change the way industries operate.

These leaps in technology are coming thick and fast in all sectors. The health sector is exploring the possibilities of stem cells and tissue engineering. Almost all industries are exploring robotics and advanced machinery. The internet is opening up new realms of possibility in every corner of the world. Finally, scientists are looking to the skies and the possibilities of further space exploration.


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The Internet Of Things

The internet of things is the buzz term in tech circles right now. Essentially, it means that all electrical appliances will be connected using wifi or 4G. This could be your car, your home or the appliances in it. It will remember your preferences and usage. For example, your home will automatically monitor your energy usage. It will submit data to the energy company and it will automatically adjust to a lower consumption.

Machine Intelligence

Robotics are set to change the way our industries work in a big way. This is a confusing change. It will be hugely profitable and productive for almost all sectors. However, it will put an end to thousands of jobs, causing vast unemployment. Robots are already creeping into all business sectors. Spiral tech is just one company that has developed packaging machines that speed up the production line.

Space Exploration

Although space exploration is still in its early phases, the possibilities are endless. It is helping to develop technology and machinery that is useful in every sector of society. Space exploration may also help us find new energy sources, or potential new colonies. NASA have just landed a probe on a comet proving that all sorts of new exploration is possible.

Tissue Engineering

Tissue culture and stem cell research has come under intense scrutiny over the last decade. Its detractors cite the ability to ‘play God’ as destructive and unnatural. However, there is no question about its ability to change lives in the world of healthcare. It provides the answer for thousands of diseases and ailments. It will truly change the way patients are treated around the world.

Energy Production

If there has been one overriding issue that has dominated all others, it is climate change. The need to discover renewable energy sources has overshadowed all other global topics. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and we are fast running out. The race to find the perfect alternative will be the defining change of our generation.

It is an exciting time to be involved in the world of technology. Simply watching the developments grow and change is fascinating. Keep an eye on these five areas. They lay the foundation for all future industries ahead of us.

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