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The world we live in today is very competitive, whether you are doing a job or doing your own business. It is very difficult to make the ends meet as there is a long list of expense heads that form a budget these days. The only way to meet all the expenses and do some savings is to cut down your extra expense heads. One way to do it is to cut down your mobile phone call charges and there is no better way to do it than to download and install whatsapp on your smart phone. If you want to send and receive calls or send and receive instant messages, there is no other better and cheaper rather free way to do it than to use whatsapp. There are so many things great about this wonderful like the whatsapp status feature, the option to download and install it totally free of cost, and the option to use it to chat with your friends and family members any time you want.

The year was 2009 when the two former employees working for Yahoo named Brian Acton and Jan Koum started working on a project to offer an opportunity for the iPhone users to use a mobile app to make free calls and send or receive free messages, they called this application Whatsapp. The only phone users who were able to benefit from this app were the ones who had iPhones. As soon as this free instant messaging app was launched in the market, it gained tremendous fame and popularity. Mobile phone owners who possessed iPhones were the only ones who enjoyed downloading and installing this app totally free of cost. They were also able to use the whatsapp status feature and almost all of them like it.

Because of the great fame and popularity that Whatsapp enjoyed throughout the world, other mobile phone users who used android phones also demand this to be launched for their mobiles. This pushed the programmers of this wonderful application to do some modifications in this program and finally they were able to come up with Whatsapp which could be enjoyed in other mobile phone operating systems. Now the android phone users were also able to enjoy using the whatsapp status on their phones as well.

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