Tech Decor: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decoration – Tech Femina

Homeowners are using technology to spice up their homes. Why not? After all, we are now living in a world where almost everything is controlled by technology. Most modern homes are now equipped with major electronics to handheld objects that make living much more convenient and comfortable. If you are considering redecorating your home to incorporate a more modern and techy ambiance, the following ideas might interest you.


  1. Keeping it simple. This doesn’t mean bare walls and just a chair. It means keeping it well-organized and clutter free. It is a good idea to refrain from piling up furniture and knick-knacks in one area like the living room. One or two design furniture that amps up a space is a great idea instead of filling up every nook and corner with useless objects. Likewise, keep the artwork to a minimum so there is a focal point of interest on the walls.
  2. Think of functionality. Each room should be decorated in a sense that it provides an easy access to the people living in it. In a living room, for example, the sofa should provide comfort and can accommodate a number of people with ease. Poltrona frau is a brand that can help you choosing a functional and comfortable sofa. You can find this brand online at Mohd for amazing items to freshen up your living room. There are also chairs that can be reclined with a touch of a button for a more relaxing and comfortable position. You can also change your door handles with the ones that have a self-sterilization system. This is a good way to avoid spreading bacteria around the home.
  3. Technology should be streamlined. Any appliance or electronic device should work with your space and allow you to have access to a simpler and faster working method. When installing appliances, it is best to integrate them with the space so they blend in to create a harmonious environment instead of making an eyesore that clashes with your décor.
  4. Create a feel of open space. A modern home has lots of open spaces but if yours doesn’t have that kind of concept, you can work with colors, fabrics and furniture to make an appearance of an open space. Colors can visually expand a small space giving an impression of a larger area. Pick monochromatic colors as a base and play them up with other values in order to add depth.
  5. Add character. Personalize your home décor so it reflects the kind of style you have. Instead of going for total showroom décor ideas, add your own personal touch so it makes it uniquely yours. You can make your own throw pillows or artwork as accessories. You can purchase objects that seem out-of-this-world such as circuit table lamps and LED vases. These can immediately add character to your home.


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