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In 2015, having a solid marketing strategy for your business is not an option, it is a necessity.

Unfortunately, too many business owners don’t put the time and effort into properly marketing their brands. When that happens, they come up short on a number of fronts, most notably their revenue streams.

To ideally work your marketing game, you have to make sure your communication efforts are top-notch. Cover all your fields from basic marketing tactics like email all the way down to mobile efforts.

So, ready to see what real communication looks like?

Do a Marketing Inventory

For starters, you should periodically review your marketing initiatives, making sure that no stone is left unturned.

Your marketing efforts should include:

  • Traditional marketing – From email marketing to placing calls to potential customers, get your message out to them. Calling people can be tricky; you certainly don’t want to come off as annoying, so it helps if the potential customer has expressed some interest in your brand (asked for literature, met you at a conference and/or networking event etc.). Whether you’re calling from an office phone system or maybe evening working from home using a product like Vonage, make sure the calls are highly professional and not an outright sales call. If you’re using email marketing, keep the pitch simple. Again, don’t try to sell someone on the first encounter. If there is some initial interest either through a call or email, follow-up within a few days;
  • Social marketing – More companies are quickly discovering that social media needs to be a priority in their marketing arsenals. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or any number of other social sites, use them to your advantage. Facebook is a worthwhile tool for posting contests, polls, pictures of your company and its products and services. Twitter and Google+ are great places to retweet/share informative articles and studies regarding your industry. With Instagram, a picture can tell a thousand words about you and your business;
  • Mobile marketing – With the rise in mobile marketing initiatives by companies, it comes as no surprise that this is a good place to connect with consumers. Much like traditional calling, don’t make your pitch a full-blown sales initiative. Think about it; do you enjoy getting calls at home at different times of the day from marketing people? Mobile marketing efforts can be great anytime of the year, but especially during the holidays and/or when you are offering special deals. If you’re lucky, you will catch some consumers who are browsing for a specific product or service on their mobile device. The timing might be just right if you have the item they are looking for when you text them. Again, have a marketing strategy in place that is informative and yet at the same time not annoying.

With these being just three of the marketing initiatives your company can deploy, is it time for you to call-up some new business?

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