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A work office in the heartbeat of your business operation. It’s the hub of activity and success here will set the tone for hitting your goals overall.

With so much importance placed on this location, it’s important you get things right. In the modern business world, technology is our friend. Computers play an integral role in the operation, and every office will now use them in some shape or form.

However, computers alone won’t push you ahead of the competition. Here are three pieces of technology that your business should use to encourage increased office productivity. After all, without its heartbeat, the company cannot continue to exist.

Cloud Computing

Technology has moved forward at a rapid rate over recent years. One of the most influential progressions for the way we conduct business is cloud computing. If your office isn’t already utilising this incredible resource, then now is the time to start.

Cloud computing will cut costs on software licenses and various other items. Meanwhile, it will save your staff plenty of time as they can access information and files without sifting through filing cabinets. Moreover, the fact it enables them to work remotely, or even as a collaborative project, is great news for office productivity.

Best of all, the digital storage won’t be broken. No more missing deadlines because a USB stick has become corrupt. Hoorah!


Communication is a fundamental part of the business. It’s crucial for talking to customers, as well as other companies.

The internet age has seen e-mail, social media, and other forms of communication steadily grow. However, when it comes to important details, fax is still a huge asset to your company. The updated efax systems are far more advanced than the old fax machines, and can solve problems posed by trying to send files too big for email. Similarly, it offers businesses a quick and effective way to send digital signatures.

Meanwhile, this technology still boasts all the same benefits as previous incarnations. If nothing else, providing a business telephone line underlines your professionalism.

Make no mistake; your office will still use other forms of communication to deal through their daily tasks. However, efax is a hugely important piece of equipment that can increase productivity and help the business thrive.


Your office is home to precious assets, both physically and digitally. It is imperative that you look after this area. Security nowadays is arguably more important than at any other time in history. Thankfully, technology makes it easier and safer than ever.

The threat of digital attacks is very real, even when using secure services like the cloud. Every company will employ some a firewall and anti-virus system. If you want an extra peace of mind, though, it could be worth investing in an SIEM system. Security Information and Event Management will keep your business safer, and can also save time for your IT staff.

As far as the physical assets are concerned, you should look to use CCTV and alarm systems to combat the threat of thieves.