Geneos Monitoring Solutions

The complexity of technology infrastructures continues to grow and regulatory requirements make understanding and analysing what is happening within your organization more important than ever. In order to ensure compliance, large amounts of data must be properly analysed. Banks, financial, and trade organisations of all sizes use Geneos for monitoring systems and improving metrics.

A Tool for Understanding Technology Performance

Understanding and monitoring the performance of technology is essential, particularly in the banking and financial sectors, which rely heavily on IT. Changes and increases in regulatory requirements has increased the need for accuracy. Alpha Insight provides Geneos monitoring solutions for banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions and firms in London.

An Overview

Accuracy and performance are essential for financial institutions to thrive, whether the business is a large bank or small financial firm. The system provides an accurate view of end to end technology performance across your business. Geneos collects relevant data from the applications and your infrastructure and instantly analyses the data to provide insight into your processes. The information can be seen in real time on dashboards.

Benefits of Geneos

There are many benefits and reasons why this product is used by most financial institutions, including the real time visibility of technology performance. This advantage allows you to effectively manage business critical systems and ensure that systems remain operational at all times. Having access to information in real time enables businesses to make essential decisions quickly and ensure that businesses comply with all regulatory requirements using Geneos in London.

Customizable to Specific Needs and Systems

The product can be customised for your environment and used by institutions with everything from just a few to thousands of servers. There are more than 100 pre-configured interfaces that can be integrated into your applications and infrastructure. In addition, several developer tools are available to integrate with your own in house applications to create a complete solution for your business.

Predicts Problems and Supports Compliance

The global view of your technology and infrastructure enables businesses to improve performance and streamline infrastructure. Because the information can be seen immediately on the intuitive dashboards, problems can be predicted and solved before they ever have the chance to harm your business. The transparency of the data flow improves regulatory compliance and enables businesses to enjoy systemic risk reduction.

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