Lockface USB Drive Uses Facial Recognition To Allow Access To Its Data – Techfemina

Previously we did a funny faced alarm clock, and now here’s a USB flash drive that even requires you to make faces. The Lockface USB drive by Japanese company, Futen, registers a number of your facial expressions, and allows access to its data only after verifying and conforming to those expressions. You need to take a picture of yourself from your webcam, and the USB drive locks your face for its use as the unlocking code. It claims to identify your face with 98% accuracy, however, to be on the safer side it also provides the password failsafe option. It uses 256-bit AES for encrypting the data, and comes with 4GB storage capacity. The Lockface will cost you $110, and you may buy it online from Japan Trends Shop.

Via: Slipperybrick, CrunchGear501512

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