Living Science Fiction With Life-like LEGO Creations – Techfemina

Legos are simply awesome! Whatever be your fascination, LEGO can definitely give it a shape. Some nerds try to realize their sci-fi dreams with LEGO, but mind you, the creations turn out to be spectacular and surreal. It’s exciting to see the darn plastic bricks being made into thrilling spaceships, predators and all these out-of -the world creations. They’re not just tiny replicas, but amazingly giant, life-like models. Just one word comes to my mind as I go through these fantastic sc-fi-inspired LEGO creations – Wow!

Inception Lego Creation

Lego Spaceships by Brickshelf

Giant Lego Colony Spaceship

Steampunk LEGO Star Wars

TIE Fighter

Lego Xwing

Steam-powered Speedy Bicycle

Lego Serenity

G Lego Spaceship

Lego Blacktron II

Lego Predator Bust

Massive Stargate SG-1 LEGO Ship

Battleship Yamato in LEGO by Jumpei Mitsui

Awesome Lego Spaceships by Jeff Pelletier

Lego Galactica

Lego Camden Lock from Hyperdrive


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