Logitech’s Speaker Pillow For Laptops – Techfemina

Have you ever felt the need to keep a speaker on your lap? Well, Logitech has. The company which is known for making sensible home entertainment peripherals, has come out with a strange concept of a lap speaker. Weren’t the laptops more than just enough, that now they’re crowding your lap in the name of confining home theater sound quality around your laps? However, the Logitech wanted to make some difference, so it has made the Speaker Lapdesk N700 for a theater-like experience on your laptop. Lapdesk is claimed to deliver fantastic entertainment on your laptops with its two built-in high-definition speakers with 2-inch high-performance neodymium drivers. It’s designed with padded base and a built-in fan, to comfortably rest on your lap and also safely carry your laptop atop it. The $80 Speaker pillow connects to your device with a single USB cable. So, do you want to experience the big sound in cozy confines of your lap?

Via: Businesswire505598

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