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It’s the e-Sex generation where even if your partner is away, the silicon clad vibrators or sex toys featuring computer chips can stimulate your sex hormones for ultimate night pleasures. So, fill this Valentine’s night with these naughty gadgets.

1. Twilight Vamp Dildo

Experience the passionate arousal as if with real-like bodily penetration with Twilight Vamp Dildo. Designed as a satisfying shaft texturized with subtle veining, it’s a realistic dildo for a mesmerizing pleasure. It’s made in 100% ultra-premium silicone and costs only $49.95.

2. Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly

If you’re looking for an ultimate hands-free orgasmic experience, the remote control Venus Butterfly is what you need . It’s a wearable device that is fastened like a harness around your waist and thighs, and the vibrating egg is then inserted into the butterfly case. It’s battery powered, waterproof and sells for $79.99.

3. Vibrating Panties

The tiger-print thong for those with the wild instinct features a removable, remote-controlled vibrator in the front. It turns you on like a tigress and makes a perfect couple’s gift for $109.95.

4. Electrosex Butterfly

It’s an erotic butterfly that sticks anywhere desired and pleases the wearer, who can remote control it for ease and pleasure. The naughty butterfly is priced at $74.75.

5. Gerbil Flex Stimulator

It’s a 6 1/4 inch smooth Jelly coated flexible shaft, which can bend in various desired angles or directions. It features a computer chip vibrator and push button speed control. The Gerbil Flex Stimulator sells for $21.55.

6. Smart Pleasure Balls

They can accurately be called as very elegant ‘love balls’, so, if you want to have a time worth remembering this Valentines, then make sure you adorn them. Made from safe non-hazardous material, these smartballs will be treat to your vagina. Available for a sale price of $20.66, these techy little balls will stimulate, massage and exercise your vagina in an erotic manner!

7. gPod Dildo

If you are a little sad about the fact that your boyfriend can’t be with you on Valentines, then worry no more! As we have the newest sex toy called the gPod in the market. Yes, it is one piece that will help you to ‘feel’ your guy next to you. The best feature of this dildo is that it works through the same waves as a voice. Priced, $243, this will be an asset to your collection of sex toys!

8. Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Double your pleasure with the Jack rabbit vibrator. Its powerful and upgraded features makes it a perfect gift that you can buy for yourself. The Jack rabbit vibrator with a soft jelly head is geared with all the perks that a original vibrator can give you. The best feature that makes it an amazing gadget is its 5 rows of synchronized rotating metal beads that help the 3 speed vibrating rabbit ears to give intense clitoral stimulation to the user. Using the Jack rabbit vibrator is very simple and convenient. It has a controller located at the base that allows one touch activation.

9. Green Apple for g-Spot pleasure

The love and romance kit is designed for intense G-Spot pleasure, which melts you with sugar free Sex Tarts Green Apple Fizz kissable lubricant. You can satiate your wild appetite with the 7-inch insertable vibe with G-Spot contoured PowerHead. The G-Spot Green apple will actually juice up your night for just $33.95.

10. Passion Lily

Girls love pink and they have a special liking for flowers. So, here I have selected a fun filled sex toy to maximize your pleasure and excitement with the soft and sweet pink Passion Lily vibrator. The petals at the base of the fun filled flower provide mild clitoral stimulation plus it creates a stopping point for insertion . Tagged at Price: $24.95, the slim and soft vibrator can easily slip into your panty and you can enjoy a completely hands-free experience.513530

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