Hello Kitty LCD TV Is Too Cute To Be Wacky – Techfemina

While many of you might feel it looks stupid and wacky, but I love this Hello Kitty LCD TV from Dynaconnective. It’s too adorable and the ultimate thing for anybody’s Hello Kitty collection. It’s a 3.3-inch television with 1280 x 800 resolution, encased in that cutie kitty with red bow on head. It’s ideal for your daughter’s room, which may not be as spacious as other rooms. The TV has a LED-backlit panel and comes with a cute Hello Kitty bow shaped remote control. It features onboard speakers, which deliver 3W +3 W (stereo) output. However, it disappoints on a couple of fronts like it offers weak 55-degree vertical viewing angle and 100-degree horizontally. Another unfortunate thing is that the TV has only Japanese OSD menus, so far. I really hope, Dynaconnective will improvise on a these issues, other than that, it’s such a wonderful gift for the Hello Kitty lovers, one can simply enjoy it. The Hello Kitty LCD will cost you about $550.

Via: Gadgettastic501679

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