Hiroshi Ishiguro Creates A Ghostly Humanoid, Telenoid R1 – Techfemina

Hiroshi Ishiguro, who’s known for creating whimsical humanoids, has come up with his creepiest creation ever. The Telenoid R1 reminds you of the Casper ghost. It falls under the genre of humanoids which are “soft and pleasant” as described by researchers at Osaka University and ATR. However that just goes for its puffy white body, but the structure which is merely a half of torso – no hands ,no legs – makes it look scary. It is used with a a telepresence software called AvatarNT, which enables it move its eyes, head, limbs and open its mouth. The prototype is worth $35000, but when it goes on sale later this year, the ghostly bot will sell for about $8000.

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