Go Get The Twitterific Manicure: It’s The Tweeters’ Fashion – Techfemina

Your fingers run relentlessly on twitter, tweeting about almost everything – straight from your bed tea to work stress, to quarrel with your boyfriend. Have you ever realized there’s so much of tweeting going on in your fashion these days. So why not literally make it a fashion, how about a twitter nail paint job. Just look at the picture above, the twitter birdies on the fingers and the icon on the thumb look uber-stylish. It’s the Twitterific manicure, which would require, “China Glaze as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the white, and as a base for the birds, and OPI Pumped Up Pumpkin from the ULTA Glow Get a Treat Halloween Mini set used for the birds”, say the women , who got the manicure. You may yourself try it at home , and maybe also customize it a little of your choice.

Via: Geek Sugar501783

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