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You’re never behind in setting goals for staying in shape, but are you enough watchful and determined about their correct and timely implementation? We can’t always hire a strict fitness instructor or expensive bulky gym equipment? Well, don’t worry, as what are these sleek handheld gadgets for. These tiny fitness coaches, which are multi-purpose, will keep you on your toes and won’t let your workout session go quiescent.

1. Toshiba Sportio: Your perfect workout cell phone

is a Toshiba cell phone, embedded with motion sensor. It motivates you to stay agile throughout your workout. Sportio will tell you exactly how many calories have you burnt so far, and how far are you from your set target. Not only this, the virtual cell phone even creates a jogging route via GPS, for you to follow. It’s a stylishly designed cell phone featuring 2 Megapixel camera and a 1Seg TV tuner. Sportio is available in orange, black, white green and silver.

2. Samsung U5 MP3 player, equipped with fitness program

Workout may not sound music to ears, but this music player does help you in your fitness regime. The Samsung U5 MP3 player has a preinstalled fitness program, which monitors your calorie-intake and calorie-burn. Why carry any ordinary mobile music player to a workout session, when U5 can also tune you to stay in shape along with some rocking music.

3. Live-Lite, keeping you on right fitness track

Live-Lite by Perception Digital Limited, is a cute little gadget, which will keep track of every step you take. The little master can be with clipped onto a sleeve, and will monitor your heart rate and calorie-stats, while you’re walking as a part of your fitness program. Live-Lite features a 3-D motion analyzer to make sure that your walk is brisk enough to help you burn significant number of calories. Plus, Live-Lite also entertains you with music and Facebook interface.

4. Revolution Dumbell, sleek weights for the delicate cleavage


assesses according to your age, gender, height, and weight, the right amount of calories you need to burn. The series of lights, indicate how much more physical activity needs to be done, all the lights glow when you’re finished with your target. Moreover, it rates your performance separately for running, jogging, household activity, or heavy workout. It comes with a detachable USB plug, so you can use it with your computer. DirectLife also gives you an opportunity to consult its personal fitness coaches for a certain monthly fee.

6. Fun joystick-style body fat analyzer

The Omron HBF-306C Body Fat Analyzer is a hassle-free handheld device, which helps you keep check on diabetes and obesity all by yourself. All you need to do is hold the two electrodes, the way you hold a joystick while playing a video game, and then press the start button. You’ll get your entire BMI stats in mere seven seconds.

7. The Fitbit 3-D accelerometer using Nintendo Wii technology

Fitbit is a nifty accelerometer, which uses same technology, which is used in Nintendo Wii. It tracks your walk, personal metrics and sleep. Fitbit has got a great battery life, which can last for 10 hours at a stretch. You can clip on this tiny device to your finger, and it will start tracking your motion to analyze your fitness stats.

8. GoWear Fit

Here’s another cool looking fitness gadget, which can be worn on the wrist as a stylish band. However, it doesn’t mean you just have to simply wear it and then relax. GoWear will monitor your every step, physical activity and calories burned, and alarm you in case you’re not up to the mark. The device uses a program called Online Activity Manager to track user’s goals.494901

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