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jill-e designs Medium Leather Camera Bag

A marvel truly worth to be stated as one of the best fashionistas’ camera bags. Now your make-up utilities will not mess up with your SLR, as there’s an exclusive compartment for everything you need there in this stylish camera bag. Embellished with “fun polka dot padded interior”, the bag is spacious enough for your SLR bodies, flashes, and a couple of midrange zoom lenses.

Price: Appx. $220.

Stella McCartney Patent Camera Bag

For brand-conscious chics, there’s the Losina Patent Cemera Bag by Stella McCartney, which is a must-check-out, as the brand boasts aloud for it. Measuring 11 x 7 inches, the bag is covered with silver metal accents. Since it’s 6 inches deep, you can comfortably slip in your SLR along with all essential enhancements. The highlighting feature is the fabric used, which is finessed with a patent finish.

Proce: Appx. $400

Lowepro Flipside 300

Super-spacious yet slim, this tote is designed to accommodate heaviest SLR with long lens attached. Your accessories and other smaller lenses are also comfortably held by separate compartments without any mess or scope of any damage. The compartments can only be opened from the back, and rightly attached straps render it an ultimate safety. The pro bag comes in black, red-black and blue-black combination of colors.

Price: $75

Funksion Camera Bag

A cool and funky piece for the geek photographers, who does it simply for fun. Available in a wide range of hip colors to match with your shoes or clothes. The compact camera bag is a suitable and trendy carrier for light-weight, delicate digital cameras. It’s cute, handy, well padded and quite chic to be carried on holidays.

Price: $19.99

Photo Backpack by DynaTran 

The DynaTran Excursion Series model AB-1629RD is a perfect SLR tote for long trips with robust protection and maximum storage. The rugged style and design makes it all and more desirable for travel freaks. The spacious center compartment with double zipper pulls make it extremely easy to pack and unpack.

Price: $69.99

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