Geeky Fashion: A Dress Embellished With A Galaxy Of 24,000 LEDs – Techfemina

Girl, just imagine how radiant you would look, donning this ultra-blazing dress with tender phosphorescent-like touch. The Galaxy Dress designed by the designer-duo, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, glows incredibly with 4000 crystals and 24,000 full color LEDs. It’s certainly a head-turner owing to it’s vibrant aura and beautiful pattern. However, what’s more enticing is that how meticulously it’s done with the extremely small and flatest LEDs, measuring merely 2mm x 2mm . All the LEDs are powered by numerous iPod batteries and extremely compact control circuits. The dress is rechargable and has a 30 minutes glow life. Don’t worry, even if the LEDs are switched off, the dress will still look graceful as it will be shining with the beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Via: Wired493806

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