Geek Diva: Paulina Bozek, The ‘SingStar’ – Techfemina

Palina Bozek is the BAFTA Award-winning creator of SingStar, a hugely successful music video game series.

Careergraph: Paulina entered the gaming career with Ubisoft, where she worked in public relations. Soon after, she was working on the project-management front for Gameloft. Her clear-eyed enthusiasm and caliber led her to run the 5-million-copy SingStar franchise at SCEE Studio London. Subsequently, she was appointed as a senior producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and currently, she’s the Development Director at a newly-founded studio at Atari.

Achievements: The iconic figure in the gaming world, Bozek was listed among the top 10 of the “Courvoisier Future 500 List, 2007.” By 2008, Paulina had made place for her in the top “35 women under 35″ in British Business.

Bozek is also credited for raising SingStar from a mere conceptual form to making it a popular franchise, which since then, has gone on to make $500 million in revenue. EyeToy and LittleBigPlanet also owe their success to Bozek, who gave the necessary kickstart to these games at their earliest stages. Yet, this is just the beginning, there are many more accolades to come for this dynamic woman in the man’s world of technology.481181

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