Geeky Fashion :Dancepants, A Wearable MP3 Player Powered By Kinetic Energy – Techfemina

An MP3 player in pants?? No, no, not in the pockets, but the pants with a built-in MP3 player, is what I’m talking about. Here’s this pair of Dancepants, which is actually a wearable MP3 player that runs on kinetic energy. Yes, this MP3 player is different for one more reason and that is, it isn’t battery-powered, but uses the energy produced by the motions of your legs. Now you know, why are these called “Dancepants”, and with these you literally dance to music. The Dancepants can certainly make perfect jogging pants cum MP3 player, as you’ll have to keep running to play the music. Hats off concept!

Via: Dvice, Coolest Gadgets495141

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