Gaming on your HDTV | Tech Femina

The new generation of HDTV sets has expanded the horizons of television well beyond its traditional functions. No longer is television merely used for watching television programmes or movies on DVD. HDTV sets connect to a wide array of multimedia devices, which include game consoles and PCs. TV manufacturers have ensured that the new HDTV sets are equipped with all the necessary inputs and functions. To play a game like Battlefield 2 or even Bingo on the 65 inch HDTV in your living room with the stunning effects of surround sound and high-quality graphics to see how conventional computer monitors are completely outclassed. Almost all the new gaming consoles, with the exception of Wii, connect to any of the new generation of HDTV sets as per Tech Blog. TV manufacturers have, in turn, come up with special picture presets for videogames (like “game” or “sports “) that will allow you to play video games in 480 p or 720p and some even in 1080 p. In addition the other features of the consoles also become available. For instance, a Sony PS 3 can play back movies from its Blu-Ray Drive while the Microsoft Xbox 360 allows the download of TV shows movies and games. The new range of PCs both Macintosh and Windows allow the transmission of uncompressed video signals from the computer to the TV. This means that there is no loss of picture quality. We are also seeing a return to the old days when families gathered to watch TV in the living room: only now, they can also play videogames and surf the Web. Moreover, you can say goodbye to the days off hunching over computers seated in uncomfortable computer chairs. All you need is to equip yourself with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and you can sprawl in comfort on the couch when you are gaming .

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