ERP in the world of web design – Tech Femina

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, has come a long way in the past two decades.  As businesses have come to make use of increasingly sophisticated technology, it has developed into an increasingly important tool, even in SMEs, and a vital one in corporations.  Meanwhile, the expansion of the Internet and improved network speeds has given … Read more


20. GUNS Being pioneered right now by Cody Wilson, who managed to succeed this year, there is a .380 caliber gun called The Liberator. 19. iPHONE CASES It’s gonna be a dream come true for 14 year olds with no taste, but you can’t argue it won’t be explosive business for the download stores. 18. … Read more

The Hottest Website Design Trends in 2014

web design trends

The digital landscape is a dynamic, ever changing platform. Advancements in the web design industry and an increased uptake of tablets and mobiles for internet usage have meant that we’re seeing even bigger changes and developments coming in rapidly. Read on for an overview of some of the trends that have been emerging so far … Read more

Bored Housewives – Alternatives to Housework

According to research carried out at the back end of 2013, 4.3% of UK iPhone owners are using one or more sports betting apps on their phones. The market remains generally male-dominated, but that is also changing according to some reports as more and more female gamblers take advantage of mobile apps. All the major … Read more

Optimise the Office with a Multi-Functional Photocopier

It’s been twenty years since the first multi-function printers (MFP) werebrought to the commercial market, and since then, the fundamental advantages they offer a workplace have made them staple pieces of kit for offices of all sizes, in all industries. Thecombination of fax, print, copy and scan functions housed in just one unit, saves valuable … Read more

Consider This: Choosing a Web Hosting Company

The internet has completely changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves in less than two decades. No longer are we heading out to the pub every night to socialize (which is a good thing), instead; we’re using social media websites to “like” and “share” information we deem to be of interest to our friends … Read more

Five Online Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

The superior regiments and established companies of the online battlefield are converging; you’re under-manned and seemingly outwitted, though you may have some killer artillery in your cache to unload, when the time is right. A powerful online presence validates whether you swim with the penguins or simply become plankton; while laying your plans, you realize … Read more

Three Reasons Mobile Phones Are About To Change Television

Mobile phones have nearly infiltrated every area of life, expanding the manner people socialize, conduct business, and entertain. The one area, however, that mobile phones have been lacking is television. While smart phone holders can download apps housing libraries of past television and movies with the occasional ability to stream a sporting event or TV … Read more