Reasons to take advantage of customisable Wi-Fi solutions

wifi-hotspotThough wired network activity has its uses, in today’s fast-paced society, its clear that wireless networking is the favoured choice for most individuals or businesses, and for good reason. Wi-Fi solutions are convenient, timesaving and most importantly- flexible. Stuck in the middle of a meeting and a client has just asked you a tricky question which you don’t know the answer too? Simple, whip out the tablet and look it up. There are endless examples of why taking advantage of customisable Wi-Fi solutions is the smart option.


Customizing a service that fits around your organization, and not the other way round, is ideal. Now the technology is available where it’s easy to switch from wired networks to a wireless network, or introduce a wireless network from scratch. Customizing the network to your needs means it can be accessed on the go and from any device; although the correct band should be specified depending on the provider to ensure the connection is available to all devices.


Customizing the network to your needs means selecting the right channel and implementing key security measures, will ensure no one will be able to access or use the network that are not welcome to it. Setting up the wireless access points to be viewed as a single virtual access point means fewer disruptions from other applications or devices.


Even in crowded areas, where there’s a high density of users, networks can be customized to ensure that speed and reliability are not affected. Through the data usage allowance, individuals or businesses can modify the Wi-Fi database to allow for a small user interface, or a larger one for companies or venues. This can be further adapted to certain areas of a location, for example in a hotel, if you are wanting to introduce a ‘hot spot’ area, where Wi-Fi is accessible whilst keeping access limited in other areas, this can be easily implemented.

Low Cost

Whether the Wi-Fi service you are introducing is free or not, either option is easily available through simple measures such as login pages. Such pages can be coordinated with codes that have been purchased by users, or with registered logins available for consumers or guests. If the service is free, such a login can be used as data collecting, to determine a detailed demographic of the user. This database or portal can be tailored further with advertising or interactive surveys.


Wi-Fi access should not be subjective to location, though it often is. However with modern designs and advanced technology, Wi-Fi solutions can be provided and adapted to location. For example a long-range heavy duty modem and service would be suitable for a boat or rural area, while a smaller close-range option would be ideal for a metropolitan area. The most appropriate area can be selected and determined to receive the best coverage depending on the locale. Customized Wi-Fi solutions are available to both organizations and individuals; reasons to take advantage of them are endless and any outcome will be a positive one.

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