Optimise the Office with a Multi-Functional Photocopier

Multi-Functional PhotocopierIt’s been twenty years since the first multi-function printers (MFP) werebrought to the commercial market, and since then, the fundamental advantages they offer a workplace have made them staple pieces of kit for offices of all sizes, in all industries.

Thecombination of fax, print, copy and scan functions housed in just one unit, saves valuable office space, improves efficiency and reduces the operational and maintenance costs of running the most commonly used pieces of office equipment, individually.

But, in recent years, as digital technologies and working practices have evolved, the MFPhas been developed to become a truly business critical piece of machinery for any workforce.

A modern MFP installed in a workplace continues to provide companies of any scale the advantages of operating just one piece of equipment, but now, new digital capabilities are helping organisations to optimise their business performance and reduce costs even further.

Papercut™ Software

Papercut print management software optimises print resources and reduces expenditure on consumables.

The software, which is compatible with quality MFP’s made by Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Lexmark, among others,generates reports on print usage and provides the flexible tools to track, monitor and control it.

This deceptively simple programme minimises wastage and encourages personnel to use print resources carefully, which helps make any office printer more economically and environmentally responsible.

Mobile and Cloud

Business employees no longer need to work in an office to benefit from the capabilities of a modern MFP.

Mobile and Cloud software enables users to connect remotely to the printer. This facility supports businesses to offer flexible working practices to employees, a scheme which all personnel will have a legal right to request in 2014 and which is already proving successful.

Extensive market research conducted by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (RSA) found that “flexible working can be a powerful driver of both organisational performance and a happier, more motivated workforce.”


Most manufacturers of printing machinery now offer competitive MFP’s with a variety of features. However, the award-winning Kyocera ECOSYS range is first in its field.

The ECOSYS range is specifically engineered with long-life components and consumables to minimise the operating costs of a printer over its lifetime, making them one of the most cost-efficient, environmentally friendly MFP’s available on the market.

This efficiency has been enhanced by Kyocera’s HyPAS software platform and SmartScan application.

SmartScan maximises the functionality of the in-built scanner to make it incredibly user-friendly. Now, documents can be scanned, modifiedand managed via a simple touchscreen system, straight onto a fax, network folder or email.

This streamlines the organisation of business documents and saves money on print costs and hard copy transfers.

Is An MFP Right For Your Company?

Multi-function printers were once useful, but these advances have made them essential business tools which are enabling, and adapting to, the business demands of the future.

The convenience and efficiency of the new MFP’s make them a must-have for any organisation looking to reduce costs, save time and increase productivity. Could your organization benefit from the purchase of a modern MFP?

The answer is likely yes, as an MFP could make a significant difference in the way documents are managed and stored within your organisation.

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