What are the Benefits of Having The Right Hosting

Optimum website performance relies on having the right web hosting company. If your website needs to handle internet commerce, selecting an unreliable provider can result in lost customers and lost revenue. Some e-businesses take advantage of UK WordPress hosting and website design tools which can help your site get off to a great start right out of the gate. Below are some things to keep in mind when selecting the best hosting service for your business.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?  Hosting needs are different for blogs vs. large e-commerce sites.
  2. Does the hosting company offer the kind of web hosting best suited to your needs? Learn about the different kinds of hosting, their capabilities and weaknesses. Active e-commerce sites should choose “dedicated hosting” where they are the only website on the server.
  3. What are your capabilities for programming and website design? Do you need a site builder program as part of your hosting package?
  4. Will the hosting service teach you how to get your site active and noticed?
  5. Does the host offer adequate email, mailboxes and auto responders needed to stay in contact with visitors and customers?
  6. What method of uploading data does the site use?
  7. Can you track the progress of your site with website logs?
  8. Can the host provide enough space for your site now and in the future? Remember that relocating a website is difficult.
  9. Does the host have great customer service available 24 hours a day? Is their email support responsive? Do they offer live chat support?
  10. Can you use interactive features by accessing your own cgi-bin directory with the host?
  11. Are there any coupons available for web hosting company?
  12. Does the host support secure server transactions (https://)? E-commerce customers expect this level of security.
  13. What do online reviews say about the host company? Find honest reviews through Google or other search engines.
  14. Does the host network have blackholed IPs? These are sites like porn or spam sites that create security issues. Sharing a host with these sites can lead to your site also being blackholed. Other networks will refuse email from your IP as the result of being blacklisted.
  15. Remember that the size of the host company does not necessarily correlate with its stability and security.
  16. Consider more than price when selecting a web hosting company. Choose a host that provides more than an internet connection.
  17. How functional and easy to use is the control panel?
  18. Does the hosting company use new, top of the line servers, or ones they have pieced together?
  19. Does the hosting company have room to accommodate growth on your site? Can they easily upgrade your account when needed? 

So there you have it! Those are the main things to consider when selecting a web hosting company. Keep your site safe, secure and functioning properly by doing thorough research ahead of time. Good luck!

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