How to Improve Your Smartphone User Experience Tenfold!

smartphoneWhile it’s true that modern smartphones offer you unparalleled control and versatility, do you not often look down at the rectangle in your hand and think “I wish there was a quicker way to access what I want when I want it”.  The problem is with modern mobile phones is that so many apps and different pieces of software have been added to them that it can often feel like you are navigating through a maze just to get to the app you want to use.

The Intelligent Mobile Smart Shortcut Plug

If you are having these problems too, then don’t despair as there might just be a solution in the form of the Intelligent Mobile Smart Shortcut Plug.  This fantastic little gizmo really gives you more control over your powerful smartphone and the best thing is that it is not a bulky and heavy addition.  In fact, you just pop the mini-screw style plug straight into the headphone jack of your mobile phone and you are good to go.

The basic idea is that once you have the device plugged into your phone you can create a series of shortcuts to help you get to your favourite apps and accessories more directly and quickly.  This is achieved very easily by working through a series of button presses.

Easy To Setup, Even Easier To Use

Once you have the Intelligent Mobile Shortcut Plug installed correctly, you can then use it in a number of very helpful ways.  For instance, you can use it as a launch button for your phone’s camera.  This means that you will never be in the same situation again where you miss that never-repeated-again-moment because you had to navigate through several menus and options to get your camera up and running.

Imagine the possibilities, of never having to search through your list of apps for that game you love to play, or for that social media icon.  Simply click on the plug and launch your favourite apps straight away.

It Can Help You to Stay Safe and Secure

Also, as an added feature, the plug also has a very helpful emergency SOS function.  Whereas in the past you may have had to type in a special passcode or search through different menus, by clicking the button you can turn your phone into a SOS device; which is handy if you are hiking and get lost or find yourself in a hazardous situation or are involved in an accident.

Who Would This Suit?

If you are not convinced it really is for you, ask yourself if the experience you have of using your mobile phone is as good as it could be.  If it isn’t, maybe you should consider purchasing this inexpensive but, incredibly innovative little plug.  In a similar way to the way tablets and touchscreen mobile phones can be operated and managed via a series of button presses and other gestures, so too can any smartphone (if they are compatible) now.

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