When Geeks Get Wed

When geeks get wedYou’ve met the geek of your life and he’s proposed. Perhaps he was traditional and got down on bended knee, or maybe he followed in the footsteps of others and created a brilliantly crafted map in Halo perhaps or sent you on a mining rollercoaster he had painstakingly built on Minecraft and you discover the immortal words appearing on screen as you role play.

However the question was asked, there’s the important matter of the engagement ring. If your intended wants you to choose the exact ring for you rather than taking matters into his own hands, you’re probably going to want a style which reflects your love of all things geek. This could include a reference to your passion for technology through the way the ring has been created or perhaps emulate a symbol from one of your favourite films or games or maybe even  your love of the world of science. Whichever way, there’s the perfect ring out there waiting for you – it’s just about setting off on the path of your own personal quest.

Ring style

The ultimate style for any gaming fan just has to be the Halo ring. There’s nothing more fitting than a ring named after one of your all-time favourite games and to top it all, you can show you’re just as much a style setter as geek as the Halo is currently the most talked about engagement ring style of the year.

Wearing a Halo ring will feel as if you have powers you can use by simply pointing the large, centrally set diamond tightly surrounded by a circle of smaller stones at someone as it will certainly turn heads and attract envious attention. If you want to really emphasise the choice, go for a Double Halo where you’ll see two circles of shimmering facets of cleanly cut diamonds around the central gemstone.


If you want a ring which shows your love for your geek-dom as well as looking beautiful, you may want to commission a handmade bespoke ring where the design pays homage to films which you have watched time and time again.

For those who know the scripts of all the  Star Wars franchise, they will be eager to know more about Millennium Falcon style rings which have been made with a central white diamond surrounded by clear blue sapphires to replicate the famous spaceship as well as those who have taken the logo for the Star Trek crew as their inspiration and used the shield design to fill with a stunning solitaire pear cut stone.

Being a geek means being proud of all you love in technology and science and marrying a fellow aficionado will mean that your ring will have as much meaning to him as it does you.

Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd; be proud of who you are and when you’re taking your relationship the next level, remember that it’s what is important to you that matters when you’re sealing your commitment to one another.

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