Slushy Machines for the Home: Great for Adults and Kids!

Food technology in the form of gadgets, gizmos and other devices are big business at the moment and it’s not really surprising.  Whether you want to spend hours in your kitchen devising, experimenting, preparing and creating new flavours and tastes; or want to be able to walk in, take a few ingredients out, press a couple of buttons and wait for all the work to be done for you; there seems to be new kitchen appliances designed and released every year that are aimed at both kinds of people.

One type of convenient and quirky kitchen appliance that is very popular at the moment is the slush machine.  For most people the very mention of the word “slush” will conjure up images from their childhood, remembering how important the choice between red and blue seemed and the eventual brain freeze you suffer from taking too much in your mouth at one time.

While in the past slushy drinks were seen as something you would have as a treat after swimming at the local pool or a trip to the local café or restaurant for a meal; things are different nowadays.  No longer is the ability to make tasty and refreshing slushy machines exclusively available to restaurateurs who can afford the big, industrial machines.  There are many manufacturers at the moment who have designed and produced slush machines that are small and compact enough to fit on a worktop in your kitchen, besides your toaster and blender or other appliances and gizmos you may have.

Not only are these slush machines smaller and more compact than those you remember from your childhood, they are also more affordable and capable of creating the kind of slushy drinks that will turn back the clock instantly.

The great thing about having access to slush machines from your own home is that you don’t have to settle for just the iconic blue and red flavours you remember from the past.  There is no real limit to the different drinks and flavours you can use to create unique and interesting slushy drinks.  Kids will love seeing their favourite soft drinks and fruit juices transform into icy and colourful froze treats.  If you have children, it is likely that they will get the most use out of the machines; but whether you do have children or not, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy slushy drinks with a distinctly adult feel.

If a slushy is a cool and refreshing treat on a sunny day without the addition of alcohol, imagine how much better it would taste with a dash of your favourite tipple.  Adult slushy drinks can be made in the same way as normal, non-alcoholic slushy drinks, but adjusting the volume of ingredients to incorporate the alcohol.  There are many recipes available online that you can follow.  This opens the doors of experimentation even wider and means that if you are having a BBQ or entertaining guests during the summer, you can make icy, slushy versions of all your favourite cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

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