The Top 5 Mobile Networks in the UK

If you’re thinking of buying a new mobile phone or signing up to a new mobile contract, choosing which network to use can be a little bit confusing. With each network offering great promotions and deals in order to entice new customers, deciding which one to go with can take a little bit of shopping around. Here is a description of the best five networks in the UK, and an explanation of why you should consider them when choosing.


Known as the ‘UK’s largest network’, EE is a company created by the merge of Orange and T-Mobile. It offers excellent 4G speeds, as well as a collection of the latest and hottest phones on offer. Because of its excellent reputation for 4G speeds, it can be a little bit pricey – but keep your eye out for promotional deals and offers, as these are usually very good. For example, you can double your data for as little as a few pounds, and some EE shops are offering free portable phone chargers to all their pay monthly customers. They’ve also got excellent customer services – friendly staff in the shops and UK call centres whose staff are always willing to help with services such as phone unlock codes.


Three, also known as 3, has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, mainly due to the introduction of its ‘all-you-can-eat data’ plans, where customers can enjoy absolutely unlimited data usage on their contract plan. They’re also a great network for those with a less than brilliant credit score, and they’ve recently introduced free calls to 0800 numbers, a luxury that most mobile users don’t have.


Although the popularity of Vodafone dwindled a while ago, it is making a triumphant return to the top with the introduction of free rewards such as free Spotify subscriptions with a contract, usually costing £9.99 per month. Along with excellent contract deals, Vodafone is also a brilliant choice of network for those simply looking to pay and go, as they offer a wide range of pay and go bundles and rewards to suit everybody.


Still going strong as one of the largest UK networks, O2 and its sub-network Tesco Mobile are currently strong competitors in the mobile phone network market. With the popular ‘be more dog’ advertisements for O2 Rewards and O2 Priority, many people are heading over to O2 in order to get discounts on tickets and other cool stuff.

Virgin Media

If you’re already a Virgin Media customer, you might want to check out the great offers that they’ve got on mobile contracts for current customers. With a variety of pay monthly, SIM only, and Pay As You Go deals, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

Although these are the main and the ‘best’ UK mobile networks, don’t forget to check out the smaller networks, many of which are owned by one of these. For example GiffGaff, Asda Mobile, Talk Mobile and even Lebara are all excellent options if you’re just looking to pay and go, need a cheap deal, or make lots of overseas calls.

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