Bringing Your Business Into the 21st Century

One of the most important aspects in maintaining a professional online presence is cyber security. It is crucial to have a safe site in today’s online community. With all of the latest attacks on major corporations, online security is more important than ever. Here are just a few things to think about when inspecting your website.

Knowing the Risks

Knowing what threats are out there is a huge step in combating the problem. New threats and hacks crop up daily, and it is important to know about them. One way to do this is to research security breaks and find out what happened to other companies and learn from their mistakes.

Staying Up to Date

Keeping up with the latest threat by updating your software and hardware goes a long way in preventing hacks and virus infections. Not only that, having a team of professionals can really help you keep your data and systems safe.

Build a Security Team

One of the best ways to combat hacking is to have a team of people dedicated to this sort of thing. The right team can not only identify possible security risks, but they can also help you patch up holes and help prevent further attacks. Use a consulting team to help you with your security.

Multiple Security Measures

Don’t just rely on one or two things, like a strong password or data encryption. Instead, have a variety of safety measures in place. Having multiple layers of security is crucial to keeping your data safe from cyber attacks. Even the strongest passwords can be discovered through a keystroke recorder. In addition to a strong password, have a physical factor, like a badge with a photo to identify users, or if your budget allows, biometric security.

Limit Availability of Sensitive Data

Keep your data safe by not only limiting the amount of people who can access it, but by making sure that the data is only in places where it needs to be. By keeping your data in only a few places, you limit the opportunities hackers have to access that data. Keep your data in a secure archive when it is not in use. Don’t use sensitive data when conducting tests or other non-vital tasks.

Test Your System

Having regular tests is a great way to keep your system safe. By having regular tests, not only do you keep your system up to date, but also you can find potential weaknesses in your system. One such method of testing is called a “penetration test“. This is where a tester tries to break into the system using various methods. This is the best way to find any weak spots that people can exploit.

Keeping Your Network Segmented

By keeping parts of your network separated, this will help keep potential hackers from entering the entire system. Should an attacker or a virus infect one part of your system, they would still have to deal with the security of other parts of the system.

There are many ways to keep your company’s data safe from hackers. Using physical factors, strong passwords, multiple security layers, and penetration testing are just a few methods of security. By building a strong team of professionals, you can be sure that your system will be safe in the future.

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