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Although video gaming has only been with us for a couple of generations, it has recently looked to take on the traditional world of sports through the introduction of competitive gaming.

This takes the activity of video gaming and makes it a competitive sport through innovations in huge competitions, betting options and spectacular prize money. But what’s interesting is the way that this has popularised the gaming activity so that it now looks to be becoming one of the fastest-growing entertainment forms of the 21st century.

Massive tournaments

Competitive gaming really took off at the turn of the century thanks to the advent of super-fast online technologies that allowed gamers to compete in real-time from any location in the world. By making gaming much less of a solitary affair, it was only a matter of time before huge tournaments such as Dota 2 signalled the arrival of big money in the form of corporate sponsorship, massive prizes and even the latest online betting technologies.

The fact that some of the sport’s leading gamers could become famous enough to feature on Betway’s latest sports betting odds signifies just how respected this activity has become in the mainstream. And you can find out more about the top players and odds for some of these competitions alongside many traditional sports such as football and horse racing at the respected sports betting site.

TV gaming stars

The exposure that such competitions receive has also been multiplied by online television sites such as that are dedicated to fulfilling the increased demand for this growing activity. Interestingly, such sites are notable for the impressive quantity of female gaming stars who feel comfortable to enter this once male-dominated domain.

The sheer revenues earned by the competitive gaming tournaments has also helped pioneer a new wave of companies such as Kontrol Freek who offer sponsorships to gamers who they feel could help promote their brand thanks to their gaming prowess.

Player burnout

Unfortunately one of the side-effects of this increased financial activity is that many competitive gamers have reportedly suffered from ‘burn-out’ due to the many hours of repetitive game-playing and also the pressures demanded by their sponsors.

With the advent of sports betting on competitive gaming, such pressures could only increase. But it’s the pressures that relate to the activity that has helped competitive gaming to flourish into a form where it is finally becoming recognised as a legitimate activity in the mainstream.

And with the news that EA Interactive are set to develop a competitive gaming division, it looks like this fascinating sport will continue its dramatic growth.

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