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Generation Y is like no generation that’s come before it. Its denizens have spearheaded the technological revolution, their demand for, and slavish adoration to, the latest and greatest machinery and gadgets leading to a rapid development of software and programmes over the last decade.

With their entry into the world of employment, it should come as little surprise that they’ve brought their digital revolution into the workplace with them. No modern business can function without a myriad of devices and programmes to support it, and this has led to some fundamental changes to British commercial practices.

One of the most prominent is the mobility that this has lent to the working day. A number of studies show that Britons are working an unprecedented number of hours, with emails and cloud sharing meaning that a professional role can extend well into the evening.

Although young professionals are working harder than ever before, there is a price for their commitment: they want ever more flexibility and independence from traditional employment structures.

Luckily, this can actually prove as beneficial to business owners as it is to employees, and here are three points to prove it…

1: Going Mobile is Economical

One of the greatest advantages for employers who choose to explore and exploit the benefits of going mobile is its cost effectiveness. Physical premises are incredibly expensive to use and maintain, and the bigger the property you require, the more costly it’s likely to be. Thus, it really does pay to have less people in the office.

2: Going Mobile Increases Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is another key consideration to bear in mind. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the happier your staff members are, the more likely they are to be productive, and the lower your employee turnover will be. As going mobile caters to the increased desire for job flexibility, it can massively impact the emotional pay out of those who work for you, helping to engender a positive change in how well your staff members perform.

3: Going Mobile Enhances Productivity

You might also want to take a look at this fantastic blog post from London Executive Offices, which indicates that business productivity increases by an average of 84 per cent for companies that encourage a mobile workforce. The more you produce, the greater your turnover, and when you combine this with your lower overall costs, the jump in your profit margins can prove quite astounding.

Do what’s best for your business today and give going mobile a go.

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