Technology and Call Centers

Whereas call centers have often been associated with annoying cold calls and dreary cubicles, today’s call center is an indispensable part of modern selling. Virtually gone are the days of photocopied Cole’s directory pages, memo pads, rented boiler rooms, and unhappy customers. Thanks to modern technology, today’s call centers are designed to optimize lead assistance and produce more sales, making more satisfied clients, successful workers, and a happier call center office environment… if there’s even a brick-and-mortar office at all.

The Dialer: The Heartbeat of Call Center Operation

Dialers and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) systems have come a long way in recent decades, capable of tracking productivity in unprecedented ways. Predictive dialers have come sufficiently far technologically to time calls for agents to reach potential customers at ideal times and much more. Modern ACD software maximizes inbound customer communication, allowing sales agents to service potential interested parties. While ACD systems originated with customer service centers in the 1960’s and continue to make up an important part of customer service today, their role has substantially changed with the rise of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Technology.

Modern IVR & ACD Integration

A modern call center makes use of the latest technology to capitalize on every potential client contact. A customer looking for general information on a specific product can gain insight without the use of a single representative while turning a random inquiry into a warm lead. This can then be shifted over to a sales professional to move the client further down the pipeline—or provided needed information without the use of human capital, to prepare a successful sale later. In the case of casual potential clients, the sophistication and simplicity of a well-programmed IVR system acts as a buffer to your sales force to weed out inquirers as opposed to potential customers.

Today’s Campaign: Campaign Management & CRM Software

The biggest advantage in the modern call center is in campaign management and CRM (customer relations management) software. Modern campaign management software works on the technological end, ensuring that interested clients get the attention they need and deserve to make an informed and satisfied purchase. In order to do that, the inside sales agent lives in a far different paradigm than the average telemarketer of the 1980’s.

Not only are sales agents moving from “anonymous telemarketers” to full-fledged sales professionals who work to own their clients’ interests, modern CRM allows them to conveniently collect and make use of both internal and external customer data to maximize new and cross-selling opportunities. Businesses which never considered call center technologies before are finding it easy and profitable to both increase the size of their customer base and maximize the profitability of their existing base.

Good examples of businesses utilizing a call center include auto dealerships and repair centers. Advanced CRM software not only targets potential improvements car owners can make to their vehicle, but also lets the sales force know when customers are not only at a stage where a new car might be a good idea, but with access to repair history know enough about how frequently customers use their vehicles to help in identifying “best fit” vehicles while using creative trade-ins to maximize value for their clients.

Thanks to modern advances in sales software solutions, businesses never considered before as candidates for call centers are using the latest sales technology to maximize return on investment. Using responsive, modern sales technology, companies can achieve higher profits and customer satisfaction than ever before.

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