Social Media for Business Marketing

Countless businesses have flocked to social media marketing because it levels the playing field between industry behemoths and small businesses.  On the Internet, persistant and intelligent marketing can compete with even the largest multimillion dollar advertising budgets.  This article will explore the most substantial benefits of social Media Marketing, and how they can be helpful for your business.

Reduced Marketing Expenses

Traditional advertising can be expensive.  Whether you’re talking about running a television ad, a radio spot, or even just placing an ad in the yellow pages, it’s easy for a single advertising campaign to end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  On the other hand, it’s virtually free to run a successful social media marketing campaign online.  That’s because all it takes to run such a campaign is know-how and persistence. Even when it comes to paid social media advertising, you’ll find that your ad dollar goes much further than with traditional media because you only pay for results.  For example, with pay per click advertising, you only pay each time a customer actually clicks your advertisement.

The Reach of Social Media

It’s also important to consider the unparalleled customer reach that social media marketing offers.  When you’re marketing on a site like Facebook, not only do you have access to billions of users around the globe, you also have the ability to carry out highly targeted advertising, so you can reach the most relevant demographics to your business.  Just how targeted is this advertising?  On many social networks, it’s possible to target not only specific age groups, but also people who have exhibited certain purchasing behaviors, allowing you to target those who are ready to buy.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

As search engines like Google have grown and developed, the way they rank content has started to depend on social signals from social media sites.  When your article gets 5,000 likes on Facebook, Google takes notice and your rankings will improve.  Consequently, the line between search engine optimization and social media platforms has started to blur.  One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site and spread your message across the Internet is through social media, which can offer you a means to sustain long-term increases to your traffic.

Improved Sales

When working with social media marketing, it’s important to understand that it takes time to develop the relationships necessary that ultimately lead to increases in sales. However, the majority of those who take the time to build a social media presence find the results that they are looking for.  With social media marketing, it’s not just about lead generation, but about creating lasting relationships with your fan base.  When you create a sturdy following on a social media platform, what you’re really collecting is a set of dependable long term customers who are ready to sing praises about you online, which can act as a powerful social proof and further increase future sales. The end result is it just a flat increase in your bottom line, but a sustained long-term growth in your brand.

Partnerships and Insight

Being active on a social media platform is like having your very own focus group where you can test consumer sentiment and get direct feedback from your customers.  Obtaining this kind of insight can help keep your business competitive, and help you deliver better product or service. Social media marketing is also a great way to grow business partnerships.  After one year of marketing on social media, more than half of all businesses will make at least one business partnership. This applies equally to business-to-business marketing and business to consumer marketing.

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