Reasons Why We Can’t Live Without Our Smartphones

Mobile phones have taken over the world. We use them all day every day to keep in touch, shop, navigate and find information. Most of us would have to put our hands up and say we would indeed feel panicked without our beloved smartphone. All our photos, music and videos live on these tiny devices. In fact, some would go as far as to say their entire lives are on their phones. Everyone has one, and none of us could do without one. So what can we do to make our phones even better?

New phones are being released by the big manufacturers all the time. You can choose from three main operating systems. Apple uses the iOS for their mobile devices like phones and tablets and laptops. Microsoft have released a great version of Windows for phones and other mobile devices. But the big boy of operating systems has to be Android. It is easier to produce and sell apps on Android, and the phones it is available on can be very cheap indeed.

No mobile phone would be complete without a few phone accessories. Some of us spend hundreds of pounds buying our phones. This can either be an upfront cost or it is spread over the life of a phone contract with one of the telecoms suppliers. To keep our devices pristine it is essential to use a good quality case. Screen protectors reduce the risk of the glass front of the phone picking up scratches too. Earbuds or headphones are often supplied with your phone, but they are rarely up to the challenge of satisfying hardcore music fans. Bluetooth earpieces for picking up calls handsfree are losing popularity. This is thanks to better quality speakerphone facilities. But many of us are using external portable speaker systems through Bluetooth instead.

The internet is essential for most of us in our daily lives. We catch up with the news online, do most of our shopping and google all the information we may need in the day. YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and Flickr are all in app form so we can keep up with the best from our besties all day too. Kindle apps give us our complete library on the move, and Spotify and iTunes provide all the music we will ever need. We can even compose our own with GarageBand. Never before has one tiny device been able to access so much content and apps online before. The Cloud stores all we need and allows us to stream or download directly from the internet.


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Apps, accessories, and unlimited data for internet access really do turn our little mobile phones into powerhouses. We can use Satellite Navigation technologies to get from A to B, and street maps with live updates to show us which direction we should be heading. Our friends can video call us to show us what they are up to, and everything we do can be recorded for all time. Is there anything our mobile phones can’t do. Well, yes. But perhaps it is only a matter of time before those things are possible too!

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