New Home Theater Technology

The home theater has changed significantly in the past decade with new and improved technology and the rapid popularization of home streaming services.  More and more people are enjoying high quality entertainment from the comfort of their home, rivaling and perhaps out-performing the experience of traditional movie theaters.  There are constantly new gadgets cropping up on the market, in addition to old technologies getting re-boots, making the home theater experience more and more immersive.  Here are some of the latest home theater technologies available to consumers.

Advancements in Streaming Services

Streaming services have exploded in the last few years and many new providers have joined Netflix in the quest to bring the greatest shows, movies, sports, and even viral videos to home viewers.  There are a number of different popular services and players to choose from, and with all-inclusive services and niche-oriented programming, there’s something for everyone.

Top players in the streaming services field include Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and Netflix. Various home theater accessories have made significant advancements in streaming as well, allowing users to connect devices and use apps like Google Chromecast and Fire TV Stick to watch TV streamed from computers, tablets, or even smartphones. Smart TVs have also made a splash using their Internet connectivity to stream directly from content providers to the TV.  Popular TV stations are quickly realizing they need to jump on board and premium channels are now offering standalone—no cable subscription required—streaming services as in the case of HBO and HBOGo.

Home Theater Projectors

Some of the most dramatic changes in home theater technology have been projectors. Each year they are making improvements in image quality and resolution, striving to keep up with the increasing demands of viewers for crystal clear images.  On top of providing better picture quality, projectors are also becoming smaller, lighter and more transportable. Some projectors are even 3D capable, offering viewers the all-immersive experience they want.  The latest home theater projectors have full 2D and 3D projection technology. Because of revolutionary advancements in home projection, prices of the technology have dropped significantly, affording more customers the opportunity to buy them.

Immersive Audio

Viewers aren’t only looking for better image quality; they are also demanding an increasingly immersive audio experience.  When it comes to sound systems, there are a vast number of choices to make with many quality speakers available.  The first Bluetooth wireless audio systems, with SpeakAirs technology, are becoming available for purchase. Additionally, Dolby recently introduced the world to Atmos surround technology. It’s now available in home theaters, with new technology that provides multidimensional audio on an unlimited number of tracks.  The technology works in real-time and directs audio throughout the entire, room giving listeners a natural and engaging audio experience.


There have been a number of advancements in home theatre aesthetics; designs are now sleeker, thinner, smaller, and generally more visually pleasing. TVs are no longer the bulky objects they once were.  They have bigger and better screens, with much higher resolution rates, but are thinner, connect to more devices, and can be mounted on walls or set on pedestals.  There are even TVs that can be disguised when not in use, looking like an ordinary mirror.

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