Five Online Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

The superior regiments and established companies of the online battlefield are converging; you’re under-manned and seemingly outwitted, though you may have some killer artillery in your cache to unload, when the time is right. A powerful online presence validates whether you swim with the penguins or simply become plankton; while laying your plans, you realize how imperative it is to fight for your customer.Leading Australian-based SEO and SEM agency Search Factory is your ally, providing you with Five Online Marketing Tips for Start-Ups just like yours. We’ll help you dodge those bullets and cultivate a legitimate brand with a strong online business presence.

Create Social Media Platforms

Browse the Internet nowadays and discover numerous social media platforms.Generating official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is an effective strategy in targeting your niche market, creating a militia of loyal customers. Do you need an example? A business LinkedIn account becomes an established network, driving traffic to your site and transforming clicks into sales. Setting up a social media account is usually free, however small fees apply if you want to communicate your message to a larger audience. For them to receive these information, ensureyour content is easily accessible to mobile devices as this is the most popular tool for communication.

Uncluttered, Simple Content

When creating content, keep in mind that your followers won’t listen if you have an overly aggressive tone. Try to avoid tantalizing customers with flashing lights and cheesy hook-lines, this can set you up to hazardous territory. Look at the minimalistic approach of Apple for example. Their website and product information is specific to the tone and language of their customers. No one has the time to read about unnecessary technical jargons such as gigahertz, they want to know about how your business will be of use to them. Free your business from pretentious hype and spectacle by focusing on creating valuable content.

Quality video and Imagery

Online video is quickly developing on web pages as a way to inform and entertain customers. By starting a visual or video-based campaign, this can greatly impact the online success of a business, creating ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘subscriptions.’ Recommended platforms include Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; choose your weapons wisely. Implement a catchy headline, have a clear purpose and include a call to action. Don’t have the funds to invest on a camera and other fixtures? Using your mobile device ensuring that it has sound video capability is ideal. Anything is possible; killer Vines and other viral videos and imagery can be created with a simple mobile device.

Work with splendid niche blogs

Forming allies with other like-minded and passionate people can make you win this bloodbath. By working with niche blogs, you can create an army of experienced sharp-shooters. Establish a relationship by scheduling a meeting with the blogger/owner and validate your interest by gifting them products and services they could try for free and as a giveaway to their readership. Let them know your circumstances and how this collaboration will benefit their empire.

Persistent contact through email marketing

Take charge of your business by regularly presenting your customers with new products and services. This directory of emails is created when existing customers subscribe to your mailing list, giving them information about current products and deals. Although it may seem like an aggravating weaponry to possess, email marketing is used to directly communicate to target customers, solidifying brand loyalty.

You are now battle-ready and knowledgeable enough to build an online marketing presence that’ll give your business the momentum to succeed in this competitive domain. Be sure to create quality content keeping your customer in mind and soon enough, you’ll be swimming circles around all of them!

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