Female Tech Geeks! Grab A Brand New Macbook This Holiday With A Customized Skin – Tech Femina

Did you know that women can be massive tech geeks too? While it can be intimidating to waltz into the Apple store to those so-called “geniuses” and demand a new laptop, sometimes a lady just wants to upgrade her system. If you’re tired of your old laptop and want to invest in an brand new Macbook Air or Pro, you’ll want to do some research so you can be prepared for your next shopping excursion.

First off, look into what size of computer fits your lifestyle. If you’re a busy student, or need to a haul around your laptop each day while commuting to the office, a smaller computer is probably better. While a larger screen benefits anyone who works in graphic design or loves using their computer as a television, bigger laptops can be heavy and dangerous to lug around. Either way, you’ll want to have a lot of storage capability, a high screen resolution and an operating system that is intuitively designed and works for you.

The right computer can make your life way easier. It can help you organize your day and work flow, all the way from backing up your personal data, to drafting emails to creating a customized playlist to listen to at the office. While it’s easy to be tempted by the low prices of PCs and Netbooks, Apple computers are simply the standard for anyone who works in a creative industry. Their programs sync beautifully with the iPhone and the iOS 8 operating system is better than ever. If you work in any visual or creative industry, their software (iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto, etc.) helps you thrive. By connecting your computer to iTunes and the App store, you’ll be able to download any app you want and offload it to your smartphone. By exclusively working with Apple products, you can streamline your workload to your laptop and phone and organize your life accordingly.

However, as incredibly well designed and powerful as a Macbook is, it’s also just as vulnerable as a smartphone. Macbooks can be destroyed by the exterior wear and tear of daily life. As dust and grime accumulates on the computer, it can work its way into the exhaust fan, causing the computer to overheat and break down. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a cover that could act as a protective barrier between your computer and the outside world?

Luckily, Macbook skins are a rising design trend and are becoming increasingly popular amongst tech-savvy shoppers. By going with an online retailer like dbrand who crafts Macbook skins in all kinds of colours, designs and patterns (go to dbrand.com/macbook-skins for more info), you’ll be purchasing durable, long lasting protection for your computer at an affordable rate. These casings are made from high quality 3M vinyl. They’re an adhesive cover that you simply slip onto your computer and can be easily removed, wiped down and replaced. Don’t let dust, grime and spills hurt your brand new purchase. By choosing a trendy cover that reflects your personal style, you’ll prove that women can be tech-savvy and stylish all at the same time.

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